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DJ Trackpad

My name is Rob Annino, and I am an owner of Imaginary Friends. I grew up playing multiple instruments and was constantly surrounded by music. The more I dove into the art form the more my love grew for it. I had to consider what was the meaning of my existence and why I was here, what am I setting out to accomplish. They always told me to try and find an occupation you're passionate in, so that it feels like you aren't working a day in your life. Music was always present in my life and whenever i sat and pondered on what my true passions were, music always shot to the top of the list. However, safety or security did not align with my passions, but I could not ignore my love for art. I continued to study music production on my own time in hopes of creating something profound that I was proud of. The DJ board opened up an entirely different way of creating music that changed everything for me. Being able to get my hands on a board and fall in love the process of mixing was one of the most pivotal things to happen in my life, it felt like I was finally free. When M-19 came to me with the concept for IF in its infancy I knew this was something we had to do. Not only for ourselves but for everyone’s lives that we’re going to change in the process. To me IF is about finding your true purpose in life. This company has given 5 people a chance to follow their dreams, with hopes of doing the same for countless more. Only together. 

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I'm looking for opportunities to play venues, reach out to collaborate or book a set!

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